Initial consultation

Initial Consultation - $ 200.00/hr

Nominal Fee for Prospective Client

It  is highly recommended that you invest in an initial consultation if you have immigration issues which may require legal help. The initial  consultation gives us an opportunity to review your situation with  attention to determine the available course of action and to provide  you with an honest assessment of the likelihood of success of your case before you retain Reggie Smith Law firm.

Each case is unique and a careful evaluation of your immigration matter by an immigration  lawyer is essential. We will request certain documents and information to be compiled and brought at the time of our meeting, such passport any other document that may be pertinent to your case.

A first-time immigration consultation of up to one hour with the attorney Reggie Smith is $200.00.  In some instances, the initial consultation fee will  be credited toward your legal fee if Reggie Smith Law is retained within  30 days of the consultation. Initial consultation fees are different for individuals who are currently detained.

No  attorney-client relationship is formed by virtue of an initial  consultation. Such a relationship is formed only upon your retaining  this firm to handle a particular matter after signing a Letter of Engagement.

At  the end of the consultation, you will have a clear understanding of the  steps that will be taken to ensure a successful resolution of your  case.

Initial Consultations are available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Initial Consultations are available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

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Reggie Smith Law accepts legal fee payments by personal check, money order or major credit card (via Paypal). For telephone consultations, payment may be made by bank deposit at the time of scheduling or, if paying by cash,  check or money order, received by Reggie Smith at the time of the consultation. Payments via PayPal includes service fees.

If  you would like to arrange an initial consultation with the immigration attorney, Regilucia “Reggie” Smith, either in person or by  phone, please call or text message 305-393-0834, email Immigration@ReggieSmithLaw.com or fill out the form under "contact us"  page.

IMPORTANT:  Please click on the link below to create an online account with Reggie  Smith Law.  Please create your prospective client profile and answer  most of the questions (in your language) as to be best of your  knowledge. 

Create an Online Prospective Account

Create an Online Prospective Account

Legal fees


Reggie Smith Law currently charges for most cases in each provided category below. Attorney's fees charges may be significantly different if additional issues, complications and or complexity exist in a case. The attorney Reggie Smith expressly reserves the right to charge a different  amount in a specific case and expressly reserves the right to change  the attorney's fees for most cases, without notice or consent.

If  any differences exist between the attorney’s fees listed on this  website and the attorney’s fees stated in the retainer agreement signed  by the attorney and the client, the retainer agreement will control. The listed amounts are attorney’s fees only. Legal Fees do not include costs or expenses such as filings fees, translations, attorney traveling expenses to attend hearings or interviews, or visiting at detention or any other locations outside of attorney’s office. The fee also does not include services needed to respond to Request for Additional Evidence.


Basic immigration legal services fees

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